Mesage to seller


Be visible to clients browsing service providers in your category!


  • • Show off your work to potential clients by uploading high-quality images that highlight your services.
  • • Share important details about your business to help clients find what they need.
  • • Clients can view your reviews, business hours, your map location (if opted in)...
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We prefer having no reviews than fake reviews!

  • • Client Reviews cannot be bought on Fidacity! Review requests can only be initiated once a service is completed and fully paid using our integrated payment system.
  • • Any poor reviews (2 stars or less) will be intercepted to allow the service provider to offer a solution for the client before posting.
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We know customers are always seeking great value. Attract new clients by offering seasonal deals, special ongoing offers or discounts.


  • • Deals are visible on service provider profiles and in the Deals section of our website.
  • • Customers have the option to filter their search by companies offering a deal!
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Offer clients a safe way to pay for your services on the Fidacity platform via Stripe. You pay what we pay! We do not charge any fees other than the merchant fees for the transaction!

Pay only 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction

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Communication is key!

  • • Clients can request information such as availability before requesting a quote or follow up questions before hiring you. With our integrated chat, you have the ability to respond right away or receive an email notification when you are offline.
  • • All chat communication will remain accessible on your dashboard for each client therefore you will have a record of everything discussed!
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  • • Listings are in order of proximity to users based on postal codes and geo location. This allows users the opportunity to support businesses that are local to them! Every company will have a fair opportunity to be on the top of a local client’s search result!
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Coming Soon:

  • • Optional paid Lead Generation opportunities for pre-vetted companies
  • • Featured Articles in our newsfeed

Other FAQ’s

Q: How much does it cost to add my business profile?

A: Nothing. It is free for Fidacity users to add a business profile.

Q: Is there a fee to add a link to my website on my business profile?

A: No! It's free to add website and social media links on your business.

Q: How long will my profile be free?

A: Always! Fidacity will never charge you fees to have a profile on our platform.

Q: If I offer more than one service, can I create additional Service profiles?

A: Service providers can create and manage multiple service profiles from their dashboard for free.

Q: How does Fidacity make money if my profile is free?

A: Fidacity’s mission is to support small businesses and the local economy. We earn revenue in other parts of our website, for example our real estate brokerage and with deals or promotions. This allows us to offer you significant value on our platform for free and can stay true to our mandate – supporting small businesses like yours.

Q: Does Fidacity charge fees when I get hired?

A: Fidacity does not charge any booking fees or referral fees if you get hired on our platform. However, standard payment transaction fees of 2.9% plus 30 cents apply for all transactions using payment processing. Fidacity does not charge any additional fees unless you opted-in for additional lead generation opportunities.

Q: How much does it cost to post a promotion, discount or coupon on your Deals page?

A: Post a promotion, discount or coupon on Fidacity's Deals section for only $20/month + tax (subject to change) with no commitments. We want to keep it affordable for every business member so the savings can be passed on to all Fidacity users. Package Deals sold on the Fidacity Deals Section have a fee of 10% + the transaction fee.

Q: Can I pay to keep my business profile at the top of each category for greater visibility?

A: Profiles are listed by postal code proximity. Your business profile will appear in order of distance, closest to the user's location. Fidacity doesn't allow advertisement or charge businesses monthly fees for membership or positive reviews. It's a fair playing field based on honest, verified reviews by actual clients. Deals or promotions are the only additional visibility that can be paid for on Fidacity.

Q: How does Fidacity verify reviews?

A: All reviews on Fidacity are tied to payment transactions made online through the platform. Only users who have paid for a product or service on Fidacity using our secure payment gateway (Via Stripe) can write a review.

Q: How are leads generated and can I pay for additional lead generation?

A: Fidacity invests in online marketing to increase usership on our marketplace. Leads are generated organically. It is important to ensure your service profile is informative and eye catching to potential clients. The photo gallery is a great opportunity to show off your work! Additional lead generation opportunities will be coming soon!