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The Sacred Heart Art Studio of Las Vegas

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The contemporary folk artist invites the public to “enter the cavern of the Seapeople, an ancient mythological parallel race.” Her “seasculptures,” made primarily of materials from the Pacific Ocean are part of a 10 year ongoing hip hop art installation/documentary~~ dedicated to peace and located at her Sacred Heart Temple Art Studio of VEGAS. The ongoing installation documented our recent history, beginning three months prior to the WTC tragedy of September 11, 2001 to Present 2011.

Gabre, who moved to Las Vegas from Southern California in 2006, says her current work has been influenced by the birth of her twins and that ”creating works of inspiration is critical to my maintaining some semblance of sanity…It is a prayer…a communion with the source of all creativity that brings my soul, peace and happiness and joy.” She utilizes ancient artistic techniques of various oceanic and indigenous peoples in her interpretations of individuals, characters, situations and sacred works.

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