Refund policy

Returns and exchanges

We want you to have a great experience every time you make a purchase on Fidacity, but if you have an issue with your order, we have policies in place to make things right. If you are dissatisfied with an item, you may be able to return or exchange your order depending on the shop’s policies. To return an item or request a refund, contact the shop.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. Before purchasing, review the shop’s Return policy.

Shop policies

Each Fidacity seller is responsible for their own policies regarding returns, refunds, and exchanges. You can find the shop’s policies by clicking Policies on the shop’s homepage. If you have questions about a seller’s policies, it’s best to contact the seller directly via Fidacity Messages.

If the seller accepts returns, be sure to message the seller before returning the item to let them know there’s a problem with the purchase. In your message to the seller, determine where you should send your item, the time frame to return the item, who will be responsible for the cost of return shipping, and when you can expect your refund or exchange.


If the seller is unresponsive or can not resolve the issue, you may be able to open a case with Fidacity. You can open a case if your order was not delivered or not as described on Fidacity. To open a case, contact us via our contact form.

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