About Us

We believe that building stronger communities starts by supporting each other

Fidacity's online marketplace allows you to easily find what you’re looking for so you can buy, sell, or hire in your local community.


Find what you need, sell what you love

Fidacity's all-in-one platform helps people get the most out of their neighborhoods by connecting them with businesses, merchants, and service providers in their local area.

With an ever-expanding list of categories offering products, experiences, and services in North America, we have everything you need to get the most out of your city and beyond.


We're passionate about people

Making ecommerce better for everyone is what we're all about.

For entrepreneurs, our community-centric global and local platform puts you in control of your business with the tools you need to be successful. For users, our verified reviews, safe payment options, and customer support will make finding what you need easier than ever.

We're continually developing new tools to help everyone on Fidacity succeed, and we will always keep commerce personal, fun, and secure.


Building stronger communities around the world.

We're growing fast. With thousands of businesses using Fidacity across North America, we help entrepreneurs of all sizes start, manage, and grow their business online.



Providing you with everything you need to build and market your brand

Fidacity makes it easier for businesses to start, manage, and grow online by providing a free online platform with absolutely no listing fees. With a free, customizable Fidacity Business Profile, you can:

Showcase your products, skills, and capabilities.
Set up payment details on Stripe for fast and secure payments.
Get instant access to a large audience and gain a strong local presence.
Easily target your local demographic by using our innovative software.
Take advantage of free online marketing.
Get customer service from humans, not robots.
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