What You'll Get

About The Perfect Touch Mobile Massage

Why choose The Perfect Touch Mobile Massage
Over Other Massage Services?
The benefits are many! Among them are...

~70 Minute Massages! You get the 50 minutes everyone else gives you PLUS 20 extra minutes to work on your trouble spots

~No Traveling Required! The Perfect Touch is the Only massage service in the area specializing in offering a selection of at- home stress relief packages for Busy people 'on the go.'
The only place you have to travel afterwards is your favorite couch to sit back and enjoy the benefits of the relaxing massage you just received!

Become a Regular Massage Client and get Increasing Rewards & Incentives like:

~Preferred Scheduling ~ this reserves your preferred massage time slot each month/week or even twice a week that will help give you your own personal "Reset button" from Life's Aches, Pain & Stress.

~Monthly Specials FREE~ to Twice a month or weekly Regulars. No paying extra to receive monthly specials like our popular MOVIE AND MASSAGE NIGHT offer!
FREE Gift Certificates! ~ Twice a month & Weekly clients get 4 Free Gift Certificates a year as gifts to give out as Birthday, Mothers/Fathers day, Anniversary, Wedding or any special occasion... FREE

The Fine Print

eGift cards are a great way to give the gift of massage to friends, family, customers and anyone else you can think of! They are impossible to lose - you get a QR code sent directly to your phone and or email.

During these tough times, you can support a business that is on hiatus by buying eGift cards to use once life returns to normal - you can also gift 10 percent of the card value BACK to the business owner to show your support and appreciation! (through April 30, 2020)

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